Being on most major Insurance company’s panel we can do report & quotes for you to be able to submit to your insurance company.


We do reports & Quotes for:

  • Any brand of Desktop
  • Any brand Notebook/Laptop
  • Servers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Network equipment
  • Any brand Cell Phone
  • Any brand of Tablet

How it works

  • When we receive an instruction we contact the insured within 4-6 hours and collect
    with in 24 hours.
  • We submit detailed and comprehensive reports with in 24 hours (week days) of
    collecting the insured’s goods.
  • Our technicians are trained specific fields allowing for professional, speedy and non-
    return repairs.
  • When we receive authorisation we contact the insured within 4 hours to advise them of
    the authorisation and depending on the fault and stock availability, return/supply the
    insured?s goods within 24 hours excluding weekends.
  • We pride ourselves in client service, the client being The Insurance Sector as well as the
    insured’s. We therefore maintain constant contact with the insured’s to keep them
    updated on the progress of their claim as well as going through the repair / supplied
    product in detail. This ensures that the client is always happy.
  • We collect for free.

We do iPhone, iPad and tablet repairs for insurance claims

Insurance claim repairs, with detailed and comprehensive reports with in 24 hours, we deal with the insurance for you!


The Insurance companies we work with

We have partnered up with the best insurance companies to provide you with the fastest and best service!